How to Fix Xerox Copier Error

Technology is a thing of beauty, especially when all systems work perfectly. However, when the software or the hardware of the device does not perform well, it can cause delays and it can be very frustrating. 

Imagine being in the middle of a busy work day, and while you are printing and photocopying, a fault code suddenly pops up on the screen of your Xerox copier. You may start to panic and think that your work for the day has been compromised because of the error. But the truth is, there is a solution for every copier problem.

The first thing that you need to keep in mind is that the fault code or the error message that you might see on your Xerox copier is not as bad as you might think it is, so there is no reason to abandon the machine. The error message or the fault code is just a way for your copier to inform you that there is an issue with it and it needs help. 

What you need to do is to write down the error message or the fault code, usually you will see a series or numbers or letters and a message, it may also include hyphens, periods or commas. You can check the website, click on Support and from the drop-down menu, you can select the Support and Driver link. You can then enter the model of your Xerox copier in the field provided and select the machine that you have, then click Support. 

On the machine support page, you will see the “How to search for a fault code” which is usually circled in red and there will be a list of Featured Content sections. You can check the solution titled “How to Search for a Fault Code”. You can then enter the fault code in the search box above the Featured Content section and click on the magnifying glass so you can start your search. 

As soon as you locate the code, you can click on the link and you will see solutions to the error message or the fault code that you saw on your copier. You can go through the solutions so you can fix the issue that is causing the code. Keep in mind that not all codes require service, there are a lot of codes and errors that you can fix. So there is no need to slink away and leave it to someone else, you can look it up and you can resolve the issue yourself and give it a try. 

Error message and how to fix it

If you ever see the “System is powering on, do not press power button” message on the screen of your Xerox copier, it can be one of two things. First, your copier may have lagged after constant workload. Your copier can get tired too, and this can happen especially in an office setting wherein multiple people use the copier. If this happens, you need to give your copier a break. 

You can unplug the copier and give it 10 to 15 minutes before you plug it back on again. The copier may just be stuck at the stage wherein it is recovering the files that are restored, so it needs a bit of a boost. If that still won’t work, then you will need to update your copier’s firmware. 

In order to reinstall your copier’s firmware, you will need a USB stick. Go to your copier’s configuration software and find the firmware version that is listed. You can also instruct your copier to print out a configuration report, it is a single sheet that has a lot of details about your copier. 

While you are in the system settings, you will see if it is possible for your copier to download automatic updates, if it is not then you can set them up. You can also use the Firmware Connect app to check for updates and install them on your copier, this is possible if you have the ConnectKey version 1.5, you can also set up automatic updates. For ConnectKey version 1, you can install the Automatic Firmware Updates Solution through the web interface. 

To upgrade your copier’s firmware, you must use a USB memory stick with at least 1GB of free space. The .dlm file must also be in a folder named Upgrade at the root level of the USB drive while you make sure that you do not have an ALTBOOT folder at the root of your USB drive. 

While the power is still on, you can insert the USB memory stick that is correctly configured into the USB slot located at the front or the side of the copier. In 10 minutes, the local UI will automatically display a message “Machine NOT available” and “Please wait services are being retrieved” After this prompt, the upgrade interface window will be displayed on the device’s local UI showing the upgrade progress of all the relevant modules. 

After the upgrade has completed, the network control will initialise and after a delay it will print a configuration report automatically. Then you can use your device again.

Other Xerox copier error messages

One of the most common copier errors is misfed paper. When paper is not aligned correctly in the tray, it can lead to skewed copies. They are copies that appear straight when you put them on the glass, but they come out of the copier crooked.

It may be the most common error, but it is very easy to fix. You can remove the paper tray and just re-feed the paper into it, make sure that everything is straight and properly lined up.

If you keep on experiencing paper jams, misfed paper might be the problem too. In order to fix this issue, you can check the paper tray. If you are still having issues with misaligned copies or skewed copies, or you experience regular paper jams, then you should call your copier repair service. The issue may be more intricate, and it should be dealt with by a professional.

Copies with spots

Another common copier error is copies with spots on them. These types of copies seem to have debris on them, and it might show up as particles, splotches or a line straight through the copy. The first thing that you need to do is to clean the glass with a household glass cleaner. The issue may be as simple as a dirty glass since many fingers touch a copier every day, so it is bound to get dirty at some point.

If cleaning the glass does not resolve the problem, you can try feeding the copy through the document feeder. If the copy comes up clean, then you will know that it is a glass issue.

Error codes

Error codes are another common complaint when it comes to copiers. Error codes can render the copier unusable until the issue is solved. While a lot of error codes come up to inform you of the issue with the copier, there are times when an error code appears for an issue, but it sticks after the problem is solved.

In order to remedy the problem, you can try resetting the copier. It should clear the error code unless there is a serious issue. If the error code is still present when the copier is on again, then you will need to call in a repair service to check the problem for you.

Toner and cartridge issues

Toner and cartridge issues happen because the copier has not been correctly set up. Issues can happen if you do not use the right toner cartridge for your specific copier model as most copy machines need a particular type of toner. If you just use an incompatible cartridge, then the print quality will definitely suffer.

Malfunctioning, low or empty toner issues can also wreak havoc with your copier. If your toner is low or empty, a simple replacement should solve any issues. If it does not, that means that there is a malfunctioning issue due to compatibility complications or manufacturer error. You can talk to a specialist about what kind of toner or cartridge you need, and they will be able to help you know which kind of toner is the most compatible for your copier.

Discoloured printing

Poor image quality, smudges or discoloured printing can be very frustrating to deal with in a busy office environment. If your copies are coming out too dark or too light, it could mean that the density controls on your copier are imbalanced.

You can check your printer’s manual to find out how to reset them or you can call a copier specialist to get expert advice.

Remember, copiers are an office staple. Whether you rely on a single or multi-function machine, there is no denying that a copier can be busy as the staff in the office.

Without any regular servicing, the demand can lead to copier issues like error codes, paper jams, streaks or lines on the paper and more. The good thing is, you can always try to resolve the issue on your end before you call a professional as there are easy and fast ways to fix them.

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