You are currently viewing Xerox VersaLink C405/DN Review: The Running Cost Is Way Above Most Copiers

Xerox VersaLink C405/DN Review: The Running Cost Is Way Above Most Copiers

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Xerox VersaLink C405/DN Review: The Running Cost Is Way Above Most Copiers

The Xerox Versa Link C405/DN is a popular multi-function printer in many copier lease Orlando shops. There seems to be so much about it that simply makes consumers look at it as this machine that trumps all other office copiers in the market. Orlando seems to have increased copier leasing deals drawn up for this machine as well. So what really makes this model different from many copiers available in the market for people to get a copier lease for? Below are the pros and cons of this Versa Link C405/DN for you to judge for yourself:

The Advantages

5-inch color touch display

This tablet-like touchscreen is one of the best assets of this machine. With such a navigation panel, it is easy to operate functions and explore other features of the machine which you can maximize their full potential. This is a very important thing. You don’t want to have this kind of all-in-one printer and not be able to really discover and make use of all its features. You have to make the most of that copier leasing deal, remember? Also, apart from the easy configuration through this tablet, you can also access many applications here that increase productivity or assist you in your workplace demands.

Impressive print speed

The Versa Link C405 can print up to 35 pages per minute for both color or monochrome! It is rare for printers to have the same speedy rate for both prints. Usually, the monochrome print is way faster than color, making the speed of many printers unstable. Therefore, with this Xerox machine, you can be assured of real and reliable speed.

Topnotch output quality

Text prints appear to be really great in every output made by the machine in tests. The texts are all legible and as accurate as their font on their soft copies. Most printers fail to deliver that quality. Also, the machine prints such quality that even texts of font size 4 remain easy to read and as crisp as normal-sized texts.

Its graphics quality is notably great too. It may not be your typical photo printer quality but it surely is still of good quality. This beats many copiers in the market in this aspect for sure. If your business does not want this, then are you sure your standards are really high?

Easy setup

This printer can be easily set up without the help of an IT professional. All you need is to read its manual or listen to your copier dealer before taking it with you to the office. You can set it up with yourself with the help of your employees. Once turned on, the touchscreen panel will be of big help to ease you in the whole process of setting the machine up for use.

The Disadvantages

No Wi-Fi direct function

This is a big disadvantage this machine has. Despite being a multi-function printer, the Versa Link C405 lacks Wi-Fi connectivity. You would still have to purchase an adapter for this function which may cost around $50.

That makes this printer not much a catch anymore and more of a disappointment. Why get this particular model when there are a lot of other models out there that have the complete connectivity features? Still, if you don’t mind spending $50 more just to enjoy the rest of the quality features of this machine, then why not get it right?

High running costs

The C405/DN’s cost per page is quite high. It is 2.3 cents per page for black and white print while it is 14.2 cents per page for color print. Many copiers‘ of the same class don’t even have 2-digit color print costs per page.