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3 Common Copier Problems and Solutions

Copiers are one of the technological trends that most offices utilize at their utmost advantage today. However, like any other office machines, copiers also have its weaknesses. Along the way, you will encounter problems with your copier, whether you like it or not. The best thing to do is to prepare while you have time. Read more as you discover three of the common copier problems and their respective solutions.

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3 Common Copier Problems

The following are the three common copier problems that you might encounter:

1) Paper Jam

The most common copier or printer problem is when you experience paper jam. This usually happens due to the following reasons: you loaded a wrong paper size on the tray, you did not load the paper on the tray properly – not fitting the tray, or due to dust which probably clogged some space in your copier or printer.

What makes it worse is when you try to remove the jammed paper the wrong way. It just adds to the hassle when you don’t know how to remove the jammed paper properly.

2) Toner or Cartridge Issues

Low or malfunctioning toner or cartridge is one of the most annoying copier problems. Why? It is because you did not see it coming and you did not have a clue, it just happens. When it comes to cartridges, you must also try to strategize to monitor your average daily prints or copies so that you will be able to expect it when it becomes low ink. But in the issue of malfunctioning copier, it’s a totally different story. If it malfunctioned due to the wrong cartridge or incompatible toner, then you must address the issue properly.

3) Few Spots on the Page/s

Spots are also common among copier problems. This time, it pertains to dark or black spots which can be seen on the printed pages of your copier or printer. These spots create a bad idea that your papers are not clean, and you did not do anything about it. This could also connotes that you did not take good care of your printed materials, when in fact, the copier is malfunctioning due to a more serious reason. 

Solutions to Copier Problems

Resolutions to copier problems are still the best steps to follow to be able to conquer and handle such predicaments smoothly.

1) The only solution for a paper jam is to remove it manually, as slowly as possible f⁹or the paper not to leave portions of crumpled paper inside the toner.

2) On the cartridge issue, the “low ink” problem can be resolved by simply purchasing additional ink that is likewise compatible to your copier or printer.

3) On the “few spots” problem, the best solution is to contact an efficient technician to facilitate maintenance check-up or repair, so that the problem may be addressed properly. These spots occur after a few years of copier usage, and they are not new to users who have been exposed to such kind of dilemma.

Key Takeaways and/or Conclusion

If you’re still in search for other solutions to your copier dilemma, you can always check them out on the net or via other reliable sources. Invest time to prepare for possible solutions to such inevitable copier problems. Remember that your copier is one of your assets which must always be checked and taken care of. Protect your assets and investment. So, always find solutions to keep them working and in good condition.