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5 Things You Probably Didn’t Know About Photocopiers

Do you know what a photocopier is? It’s one of those things that we all use at some point, but how much do you know about them? This blog post will cover 5 top facts about photocopiers that most people don’t know. How many of these top 5 facts did you already know?

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What are the five things you probably didn’t know about photocopiers?

– 1 One top thing you may not know about photocopiers is that most of them are colour.

This means there’s no need for expensive coloured copies or the hassle and expense to print out a full-colour document; make one copy on your black and white copier, then take it home with you in high quality living colours! It doesn’t get easier than this – enjoy knowing what your next assignment will entail before everyone else!

Photocopying a black and white document onto coloured paper (such as copying to blue or green) will make the copy appear in colour on that particular sheet of paper, but it is still just one black & white copy.

– 2 Another top fact you may not know is that the average lifespan for a copier machine is between 13 and 27 years, depending on usage levels.

The top fact is that copier machines last 13 to 27 years, depending on usage levels. That’s not a bad lifespan for something used all day, every day! Another great thing about copier machines is that they’re deficient maintenance devices. Either way, if your company has decided to invest in new equipment, it may be time to give up those old models and trade them in for some newer ones – make sure you don’t throw away any part before seeing what can happen with recycling options first! You never know how many factors could be reused or recycled.

– 3 The earliest known use of xerography (a dry process) goes back as far as 1890 when Thomas Edison experimented with it using lampblack mixed with oil or grease as his toner powder. He called this process electrography but had no luck developing it into a viable commercial product at the time.

A new development in 1906 by George Lawrence Taylor led to the first practical commercial photocopier called a cyclostyle. The word “photocopy” was coined from the Greek words meaning “writing with light.”

Xerographic copiers use heat, pressure and chemical reactions between two layers of dry toner (kerosene or lampblack) and an electrically charged top layer of paper. Today’s machines can make up to 30 sheets per minute. In 1961 IBM came out with its version of xerography that used liquid toners instead, which allowed for faster copying than before at 60 copies per minute – but this process only lasted until 1970 when it again reverted to using dry toners.

– 4 In 1998, the first Personal Copier was introduced. The term “personal photocopier” is now a commonly used phrase to describe any machine that can make copies of documents for personal use at home or in small offices.

– 5 The top five brands of photocopiers are Canon, Ricoh. Kyocera, Sharp and Konica Minolta.

There are many benefits to knowing these top five things about photocopiers! One advantage is you can learn how much time they use up when printing out each page – this may be especially helpful if you want to know precisely how long your toner cartridge will last before it needs to be replaced or refilled at Staples.”‘s store!

Another benefit is that you can learn how much noise it makes. The top five things about photocopiers all vary in price, so this may be helpful to know before buying one.

What is the significance of these 5 things?

Other top five things include noise, price and more!- benefits of knowing these top five things about photocopiers. One advantage is that you can learn how much time they use when printing out each page – this may be especially helpful if you want to know precisely how long your toner cartridge will last before it needs to be replaced or refilled at Staples.

One important thing is that many people don’t know the cost of a toner cartridge before buying it. Toner cartridges can be significantly cheaper if you shop for competitive prices – or sometimes even free if you have mail-in rebates from your manufacturer, like with Canon products. Another top-three fact is that there are different levels of quality when printing out documents depending on which function mode to use, like black and white versus colour copying. These two top three facts may not seem so obvious at first glance, but they’re beneficial to newbies just starting their career in this industry to learn all these little details.


Coming up with the top five facts about photocopiers is not that difficult, especially if you have a lot of experience in the industry. Hopefully, this can help some newbies quickly start on the right foot! This post was full of helpful information that will be very important to those just starting their career and learning all these little but beneficial details.